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The following entry reveals one of Hilmi’s idiosyncratic traits – Mr. Overdoer.





10 Examples Why I Call Myself Mr. Overdoer 



I found out recently that, through the course of my life, I have a tendency to conduct things at their most extreme ends that have consumed my energy, time, money and soul. After much self-praise and self-criticism, I began to see an emerging pattern behind all the random idiosyncrasies in my life – that I simply love overdoing things! Okay, here are 10 examples why I call myself Mr. Overdoer.

1. When I was teaching at a private college and at the same time holding an administrative position while juggling between my studies for a master’s degree, I used to keep this holy, thick to-do-list book that contained all the complicated missions I must complete by the end of the day. I was an over-absorbing freak that had turned life into a giant TV set with a convenient remote control.

2. When I first learnt to appreciate the music and stuff from Korea, Bollywood or the Middle East, I became a singing monster that attacked the World Wide Web and “stole” hundreds of random songs without even knowing what they were really all about. I was an over-indulging maniac who listened to the universal rhythm of the world like I was listening to a lover’s speech.

3. When I look into my wardrobe, I think I should start sharing tips with other people about the art of Unnecessary Beauty. With many fancy shirts of different colours, winter jackets of different patterns, bags of different brands, shoes of different styles, I am an over-shopping bloke who doesn’t seem to get enough and who seriously needs some education on charity and donation.

4. When it comes to living in and moving out and packing and unpacking, I can be a living legend of unsettling accommodation. I live and leave places like it is some kind of a hobby. Be it in Kuala Lumpur or Melbourne, my lifestyle has been full of endless makeovers and decorations and packing festivals. I have been an over-energetic nomad whose life is forever on the road.

5. Whenever it hit me that I look like Mr. Couch Potato, I can start a weight-loss program like I am about to enter a Mr. Pageant competition. I will start swimming again as if I have just found a new religion. Weighing scale is my new best friend that will always keep its menacing eyes on my eating behaviour. I am an over-powering weight-watcher who keeps torturing that fat ass.

6. When I was in Kelantan doing my fieldwork, I collected the data more than I needed. When I started analysing the data, I ended up with heaps of results beyond my understanding. When Janet had to ask me to stop when she sensed that I was becoming more obsessed and creepier, I realised that I had become an over-working PhD slave who badly needed a life.

7. When I decided to celebrate the success of my fieldwork by driving around the country and meeting all my best friends, I came up with the grandest plan that sucked up my whole emotion and entire physical system. When I finally met them with enthusiasm and warmth, I was proud of being an overbearing friend who went to great lengths just to make things happen.

8. When I was traveling in Bangkok or Jakarta or Australian cities, I made sure that I had done enough research so I wouldn’t miss anything that I wanted to experience. I dug up for tips and information as if I were a column writer for a travel magazine or some major newspapers in the country. I was an over-zealous traveller who took up traveling like a full-time, handsomely-paid job.

9. When I started writing for Budu Tales in Melbourne, I had no idea that I would end up with hundreds of rambling posts. When I recently discovered that I could tag a post, I scrutinized and tagged each of the posts, amounting to 104 tags. When it comes to writing, I can go the extra mile. I am an over-analyzing writer who is always seeing his life’s marvels in a dramatic, writing form.

10. When I realized that I loved languages and teaching them, I began a journey of no return. The stories didn’t just end in a classroom with wonderful students. I took up TESL despite my impoverished background. Then I leapt further doing PhD in linguistics, scratching into every bit of geminates for many years. I’m an over-achieving dreamer who is unstoppable and un-fuckoff-able.

You see, I’m just an ordinary guy who likes to dream, just like you. But, the thing is, I dream too much. There are just so many things that I want to do and accomplish in my life, like I was given some sort of a prophecy mission or something. Some people might call it Complete Idiocy or Total Lunacy or Sheer Ecstasy. But beyond all this madness, I think I have discovered the power that makes me feel stronger than anyone in the world, that allows me to achieve my goals, that carries me toward my dream, and that justifies my crazy, overdoing attitude – the Power of Passion.

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