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Chick Me

The following entry defines Hilmi’s Dreams. Is he a dreamer? You decide.







Hilmi is a dreamer


He longed for the loving attention of his family

But he continued his self-discovering journey

Challenging himself into the hazy uncertainty

Dreaming for the victory of his fairy-tale story


He knew his people didn’t appreciate diversity

But he went afloat against the gravity

Putting himself through the sanity

Dreaming for more peculiarity


He realized English was not his cup of tea

But he went overboard looking across the vast sea

Throwing himself into an English-medium university

Dreaming for a more logical dictation of masculinity 


He graduated with a Political Science degree

But he took on another uncanny opportunity

Taking a TESL degree people wouldn’t agree

Dreaming for a better clarity 


He looked on other people’s charity

But he didn’t expect for the sympathy

Knowing he doesn’t need the majority

Dreaming for his own sense and sensibility


He knew his students don’t value punctuality

But he didn’t blame their immature mentality

Keeping his own impenetrable integrity

Dreaming for more invincibility


He appreciated family men’s curiosity

But he wanted to prolong his simplicity 

Knowing he will make his own productivity 

Dreaming for his own so-called philosophy  


He understood other people’s insensitivity

But he could smile at their stupidity

Saying ‘no’ for this lunacy 

Dreaming for higher dignity


He knew his blog needed some privacy

But he couldn’t hold his confidentiality

Unleashing the facts of secrecy

Dreaming for a solved mystery  


He could go on rambling about life’s insanity

But people would question his sincerity

Yelling “go to hell with your English tea!”

Dreaming for American coffee 


Hilmi is a dreamer, isn’t he? 

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