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Escape Room Johor

May 10, 2015

00 Escape Room Johor

Escape Room was made for dummies.

Locked and handcuffed in a maximum security prison cell, my friends and I were expected to solve a series of puzzles and riddles and to challenge our silly selves so that we can break free from the menacing room within 45 minutes, a la Prison Break. But we only managed to unlock our handcuffs and remained dumb and stupid for the rest of our locked-up period.

We were dummified, self-loathing Drama Kings.

But this game is so well received by many not-so-dumb escapees around the world – Australia, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States of America. Bright and Intelligent Malaysians joined this simulation frenzy in 2013.

Now here are some tips for Escape Wannabes:

1. Be logical and intuitive (move aside lower-order thinkers!)

2. Collaborate with your team members (maintaining egos wouldn’t help)

3. Be positively tricked and twisted (idiocy is the best policy)

4. Press the button for help (admitting that you are a perfect dummy is perfectly alright)

5. Keep calm and love the challenge (appreciate those moments of utter silliness)

6. Expect the unexpected (yes, you are so dumb!)

Enjoy getting dumped and trumped.

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