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Spanish Doughnuts

February 7, 2012

“Let’s go to Spanish Doughnuts!” I said excitedly while we were roaming like wild teenagers around the Federation Square after midnight. Halim, Daus and I had been walking for many hours but I had never felt more energetic in my life. In fact, it was always a pleasure to be a (dramatic) tourist guide for my dear friends who came to visit me in Melbourne. It made me feel alive again. Each time I shared my down-under experiences with them, I was forever thankful to be part of this great city. And right now, I wanted to share this heavenly delicacy with Halim and Daus so they would always remember tonight’s special moments for the rest of their lives. Tonight, I wanted to show them one of my most favourite snacks in the whole world – Spanish Doughnuts.

“What’s good here?” Halim asked when we arrived at the store which was located just opposite the Federation square.
“Good question. Well, you can try the On-The-Run Combo which comes with three scrumptious loop doughnuts and a small drink of your choice for only $4.95. It’s really good!” I said as if I was a loyal employee of the Giant Spanish Doughnuts Enterprise. The first time I discovered these Australian-made churros a few years before, I felt like I had found a hidden treasure. Since then, I had never stopped trying the same churros each time I passed the store in the city. I didn’t know what the secret recipe actually was, but the taste of these churros always made me feel good. There was something surreal about it that took me back down the memory lanes of my childhood. Perhaps, my late mother might have made the same churro-like meals and stuffed them in my mouth while I was busy watching Inspector Gadget on TV. I might have tasted it before but I just couldn’t remember. It’s like the whole déjà vu experience to me.

“Okay, I’ll have the On-The Run Combo then!” said Halim.
“Wait a minute,” I said. “Please try some other stuff. You might like the Bombon Churros over there. They are coated in a delicate shell of white, milk or dark chocolate. They look yummy too!” To be honest, I had tried this type of churros before and I didn’t like it. I would prefer the original churros. But I didn’t share this information because I didn’t want to influence my friends’ choices. They might have a different taste. I just gave them options.
“Okay, I’ll get the Bombon Churros. How about you, Daus?” asked Halim.
“Yes, I’ll get the same Bombon Churros.”

So, we left the store soon with our own churros – Bombon Churros for Halim and Daus, and of course, my favourite original churros for me. It took only a few seconds before they issued their verdicts. They hated their churros and loved mine. They said theirs were too cold, too hard, too bad, while mine were very tempting, very fluffy and very rich. I felt terrible. Had I just sabotaged my own beautiful plan?




I blamed my crappy philosophy of life for tonight’s culinary pandemonium. You see, tonight’s event revealed a lot about me and my life’s choices. Here is the situation – I’m open to risks and I want to see people around me to experience the same risks. The results might turn out differently for them as it turned out differently for me. Just because I dislike a particular thing, it doesn’t mean it will work out the same thing for other people. I might be highly opinionated, but I don’t want to restrict people’s choices according to my (bold) preferences or my (dreamy) perspectives. Just because the movie critics say the movie sucks, it doesn’t mean you should not go to the movie theater and enjoy the suckingness of it. Just go and discover! We all should try something on our own and take the risks without being dictated by other people. If it ends up a bad choice, let’s just face it and enjoy the challenge. At least we have tried and learnt the lesson the hard way. How I wish people would stop asking other people to follow certain conventions. Instead, they should start respecting people’s more creative decisions and treating each other in the same way. After all, we all have a different taste in life, don’t we?

I hope Halim and Daus wouldn’t curse me and their bad churros all the way back to Malaysia.

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  1. February 7, 2012 5:59 pm

    I’m not a fan of churros, but I will try any doughnuts once.


  2. February 8, 2012 11:14 am

    My fav churros shop is that teenie weenie shop at the last tram stop before it reaches Flinders. I can’t remember the name now but the girls manning the shop were Koreans. Fancy that. Where to find them in KL? Also, you must try the poffertjes at QVM….sedapppp…. purrrr…..meow!


    • February 8, 2012 12:40 pm

      Hey Angie – Thanks for the tips. Not sure exactly where in KL, but will definitely look up for those Korean girls near Flinders!


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