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A New Story from Park Street

November 3, 2011

I have moved out of my two-storey bungalow in St Albans (very nicely) and settled into this cool three-storey apartment located in Park Street (for the record, this is my fourth accommodation in Melbourne and, yes, I’m back into a young-and-crazy apartment life!). The manager of this apartment, Mr Wayne, is a very nice old man who kindly let me move into my unit earlier than the agreed date. He hoped that I would be more comfortable transferring all my stuff over the weekend. I said that he didn’t have to worry, that I had moved a lot in my life, that this time it should be a simpler task for me. Guess what, I was so wrong.

Moving out, nonetheless, was a very challenging, detailed, painstaking task. I might have a lot of experiences in a nomadic life, but to carry all the boxes and bags alone to my unit on the first floor was not convenient at all (typically, I didn’t know how the hell I ended up having a lot of stuff from the previous house!). To make matters worse, due to some unknown technical glitches, there was no electricity for the first two nights. So, I was stuck hopelessly among all the unpacked paraphernalia in darkness and slept with (romantic) candlelight. Plus, for the first two mornings, I had to take a cold shower (believe me, it’s not pleasant at all to have a cold shower, even during spring in Melbourne).

Anyway, I was not discouraged by this unprecedented incident (I forgave Mr Wayne). Once the electricity was back, I quickly transformed my world following my extreme whims and fancies and, wallah, things fell so perfectly into place. I love it that this apartment is a fully-furnished unit, like Micasa. But, it is way much better with more space: the living room (I love the huge flat screen HDTV); the dining corner (I love the great ambience); the kitchen (I love the enormous cabinet); the study space (I love the grand window); the shower room (I love the widespread lighting); and the bedroom (I love the majestic city-skyline view). Perfect.






At the moment, I’m looking out of this window from my new bedroom and gazing at the Melbourne’s bustling life happening so vibrantly out there. To begin with, this serene-looking Park Street is a special street because it lies at the border of two great suburbs. One is Brunswick, a big suburb with a population of more than 20000, and the other one is Parkville, a beautiful inner city suburb that is home to major education and research centres. Technically, my unit is located within Brunswick, but spiritually, I would love to be associated with Parkville for two simple reasons: first, my bedroom is facing right into Parkville; and second, the University of Melbourne is located in this suburb, too. So, I will be so proud to be part of the elite world of Parkville.

And there, from afar, I can also see Melbourne’s city skyline (it is even lovelier at night!). You see, I’m really back into the city. It is only 3 kilometres away from where I am now. It also means that the University of Melbourne is just around the corner. I can easily take a seven-minute tram ride or, for a healthier reason, I can get on my bike and reach my phonetics lab for only ten minutes (isn’t that convenient?). Oh, I’m so in love with the surrounding areas of Park Street. Its name speaks so much volume for what to be expected around here. It’s so close to parks and greeneries: Princes Park (I love the flowery garden); Royal Parade (I love the blossoming trees); and the beautiful Melbourne General Cemetery (yes, you heard me!). Wait, have I told you that my new place is also next to Sydney Road, Melbourne’s longest continuous shopping strip? Yes, there are just so many stories out there waiting for me to discover. But for now, this is just the beginning of my new story from Park Street.

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  1. November 4, 2011 12:51 am

    Pawesome new place. You’ll have fun discovering multicultural Sydney Rd. purrr…meow!


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