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Today A Year Ago

February 3, 2006

Today a year ago
All things changed
All feelings shattered
All words mutely drifted
All stories painfully transported

Today a year ago
I was devastated

In the animal world of deceitfulness
In the saintly world of profane cravings
I was utterly lost
I was blindly trapped
In the seas of worldly melodrama

Today a year ago
I sensed the loss
Of my true self
Of a mother’s love
Of the things subtly close
Of the loss founded hereafter

Today a year ago
We accepted your mortality
Witnessing your blessed mobility
At the expense of my sheer shockability

Today a year ago
You gracefully met Him
You made us sadly content
You created the barrenness
Yet full of luxurious memories

Memories of a super mother
A mother whose love is irreplaceable
Irreplaceable by time or space
Space that is only a breath’s away

“A breath’s away is not far
To where you are”

I love you mother
May you eternally rest in peace

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